The low down on scatter inners

Choosing the right inner is just as important as choosing the right cover.

It would be very easy for us to not offer inners and just deliver nice flat cushion covers. However, if the only option you have is to put a cheap polyester inners inside, then they won't look the same as you see in our photos! Also, once you have invested in good quality inners, then you won't need to change them every time to update or change your covers.

We offer cushion inners as an optional purchase so you get a full service. 

We have been very fussy about the inners we have selected to sell at Halogen Home. There is nothing worse than a sofa or bed full of flat, sad scatters.

Scatter Inners 

Halogen Home Inners

We wanted a cushion fill that was not only comfortable, but kept its shape and could be easily plumped up to look luxurious and full.

The inners are a mix of fibre and feather. 

70% is a feather and down mix. The feathers are 2-4cm in size and provide the softness and comfort you expect from a cushion. To achieve the ‘karate chop’ look, you need feathers!

30% is a synthetic fibre. This fibre helps the cushions to have bounce back and keep its shape. 

The casings are downproof to ensure you are not ‘stabbed’ by the odd rogue quill. They aren't however waterproof.

A few (sometimes obvious) tips: 

  • It’s always a good idea to give your scatters a good plumping up after they have been lounged on.
  • Always choose inners that are slightly (5cm) larger than your scatter cover. This ensures that they fill to the corners, and look plump and robust and not cheap and flat.

We will even put the inserts in the covers for you so all you have to do is open the box and put the cushions where you want them (after some fluffing up of course).