Why scatter cushions?

We all know that scatters can make or break the styling of a room. Scatters don’t just take up space (try explaining that to my husband!!), they add comfort, a decorative style and some luxury to your home. 

Changing up your scatters is a quick, easy and affordable way to update the style, colour, texture and pattern in a room. They are the perfect way to reflect your style and personality.

It’s easy to make mistakes though…

  • Buy cheap, buy twice - we have all made this mistake - in a moment of needing a quick change, we run to the shop and make a quick decision that turns out to be so wrong. Plan what you are trying to achieve, think it through and shop around or have them made.

  • Flat is a flop - use good quality inners - they look good and last for long - read our next article on choosing inners

  • Don’t be random - think about what you are trying to achieve. Is your room/bed/sofa plain? Then, add texture, pattern, print. On the other hand, is your space already busy? Pick out complementary colours and tone down.
    Are the scatters going to be purely decorative? Then you can choose just about any fabric. If the family is going to be lounging and snuggling on the scatters, then choose washable, sensible fabrics.

There are so many articles, pictures and ideas out there to inspire you - spend some time and enjoy the process!

Learn how to style effectively with your scatters