How to style with scatters

The right selection and placement of scatters can completely transform the look, feeling and personality of a room. Spend some time examining all aspects of your room before selecting and styling with your scatters.

Colour & Texture 


Pick and stick to a colour palette in the room. Your cushions don’t all need to match if they are within your chosen colour palette - they can be complimentary colours or differing shades of the same colour. Patterns in differing scales won’t fight with each other.

One great way to work is to choose a solid colour and then work from there with scatters in other colours, patterns or textures and sizes. The look will be cohesive if you have worked in a common colour.

Colour theory can get quite complicated, but it really is interesting - if you want to read more, try this article I found.



There are so many options to choose from. Odd numbers always look better (this goes for so much when it comes to styling and decorating), but for a more traditional look, even numbers of scatters work.

Bed scattersSofa arrangements 

Size and shape 

Sticking to standard square sizes means you can swap out your covers and not have to buy new inners every time you want a change. This doesn't mean all your scatters must be one size though - two different sixed square scatters and rectangular lumbar pillows add interest too.

Always buy inners that are 5cm larger than your covers - this ensures that they are full to the corners and give that plump, full look worthy of a 'karate chop'.

A few larger pillows and possibly a complimentary lumbar pillow looks cleaner and less cluttered than several small pillows on a couch or bed.


Seasons - the perfect excuse to make a change and change your mood! Have you seen these gorgeous floral prints for spring/summer?


Karate chop - We are big fans! It makes the cushion look as plump and comfortable as possible. Plump your cushion up and then literally karate chop the top, in the centre. For the best effect, use the Halogen Home luxury inners.